mixed nuts

i haven't blogged at all this week.
i MISS it.
It's my outlet for creativity since I'm not really writing poetry as much these days.
Sadly I compose posts in my head at night but of course don't write them down
and by morning can't remember a thing!
So sad.
I still READ blogs daily.
but for some reason haven't really taken the time to finish any of the drafts I have waiting.
am I at a loss for words?
this has been a crazy week.
Sweet Pea is gearing up to start back to school on Monday.
I have second grader?????
WOW! When did that happen!
We went to the meet & greet this morning at her new school and met her new teacher.
I'm excited and so is she.
Have I mentioned her school is only 4 minutes from the house!
So this past week we went back to school shopping with my Dad and have just been taking it easy.
Enjoying the last few days of "summer".
Even though its hot as hades outside.
School shopping with my Dad/Papa was a trip - he hasn't been since I was about her age and I was impressed w/ how patient he was while waiting for her to try on her "fashions".
The man does NOT like to shop.
It really did my heart good to see his face light up when Sweet Pea came out and modeled her outfits for him.
And of course because he is UBER matchy matchy - his response to everything was:
"Does she need a shirt to go with that?"
whereas I'm like: lets mix & match.
He's all about the coordination. LOL
So much fun!!
I will be back shortly with more posts.
that probably make more sense but now I'm off to wash my hair!!!
Happy Friday!!!


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