little miss perfect? really? who says?

this afternoon as I was folding laundry I turned on the TV for some "entertainment".

And I stumbled across this show called "Little Miss Perfect" on the WE channel.

Ten minutes in I was hooked

Twenty minutes later I was seriously disturbed.

But could NOT turn the channel.

First of all I am still amazed that in this day and age there are still kids in pageants

and that they "love to compete".

Second - who ARE these people?

and where do they get the money for all this stuff?
I know pageants are expensive as there are costumes to be made, flippers to put in
(to give them that full and bright smile of a 17 yr. old) and spray tans to be put on.
But my real question was, what kind of message are these parents (mostly moms) giving these girls?
Granted it is not for me to judge because I too love my child dearly and if she REALLY wanted to do pageants then I might consider it.
But it did bother me when one of the mother's said:
" Well in our society, looks matter. And being pretty and popular will help her out later in life.
I mean ugly people just have a harder time at life"

And these 7-9 yr old girls look like teenagers!!
As the mother of a very girly girl I am all for a little "sparkle" now and then.......
and by sparkle I mean glitter nail polish and glitter dust around the eyes for a dance or cheer performance.
But to paint up a child to look 10 years older is very unsettling to me.

Does anyone else have a problem with that?

That being said.
I am now thoroughly intrigued by this show and the world of "pageant girls.
Why are they always southern?
Where are the dads in all this?
How can a young child deal with such blatant rejection from some stranger telling her: "sorry, you're face just isn't 'pretty enough' to be Little Miss Perfect"

I have to run now....
I think a new episode is coming on.....


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