inside OUT

I'm so excited!
My patio furniture ( that I have been obsessing over) finally came this week and last night Babe put it all together for me so now we can bring the indoors out!!
I grew up by the beach and used to spend time with my grandparents every summer so eating / spending time outside was pretty much my favorite thing to do in the summertime.
And now I can share that experience with Sweet Pea!!!
This morning she strategically placed the pillows and cushions on the chairs and loveseat as I arranged a comfy "conversation area".
I can't wait to have people over and have "cocktails on the veranda"!!
(in my mind I still live in Georgia)
At some point I would like to also get a dinette set so we could eat out there as well as a firepit of some kind to roast marshmellows and for warmth as the nights grow cooler.
But for today, right now, I am SATISFIED!!!
here are few befores:


What do you think?
Anyone want to come over and hang out?


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