a bad case of ...... "I want it NOWWWW"

uggggh right now I have a terrible case of the "I wants"

Seems to happen every so often when I am absolutely broke and there are new "things" that I see while out and about or perusing the internet

Case in point - ran into Target the other day for 3 things:

Toothpaste, Saline Solution, and sadly I can't remember the other item

As Sweet Pea and I wandered over to the back to school section to scout out the backpack offerings - I noticed a very lovely display in housewares out of the corner of my eye

"ooohh " I thought , I must come back this way.....

just to look of course

And boy did I look.

You see as I am about to become a married lady and we have been doing more entertaining I have been thinking about the kind of traditions our family will uphold.

The gatherings we will take part in and most importantly the decor of our new house.

There in the midst of the housewares/kitchen section were several sets of chargers, serving trays, place mats, table runners, pitchers and glasses.

And it hit me- I don't have ANYTHING like this at home

And I should.

I love to entertain and find myself scrambling for dishes and platters to display the food offerings and am thoroughly bummed that I seem to have skipped that step in housing set-up 101

Yes we will be registering because although we do have SOME things there are still the "usual" or "standard" items to be registered for but I know that for the most part we won't be getting any of that stuff until just before the wedding!

And I want it NOWWWW!

Is this selfish?


Am I being impatient?


Do I still want?

Of course!

It's Target who doesn't?

I realize however that I cannot satisfy my lack of whatever it is I feel I'm missing with material things and I should simply be happy with what I have

and honestly I am......


if anyone wants to send me a Target gift card, I wouldn't be opposed to that. =)


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