back, back, back, to school again......

Today August 31,2009 my Sweet Pea began the 2nd grade.
New color co-ordinated outfit? check
Cool new backpack? check
Fabulous Camp Rock lunch pail? Check
So off we went.
Since we moved we are now attending a new school, in a new district.
That means a new teacher and new friends.
School begins earlier and gets out about 10 min. later
However we are fortunate enough to live about 5 min from the school so getting there on time shouldn't be an "issue" unless we're having a "slow" morning.
Even though Sweet Pea is 7 and we've had our "first day of school" before.
Each year it is just as difficult as the first.
Well thats not entirely true.
The first two times ( pre-school and Kindergarten) I cried when I dropped her off.
This time I didnt cry but I am still filled with apprehension.
But only the type that mothers worry about.
Will they be nice to her?
What if she cries?
What if she ends up eating lunch by herself?
Will she make friends?
I want my baby to enjoy her day but not be scared or lonely.
I pray that she makes friends and that the kids and her teacher are nice.
More importantly I am praying that she LEARNS.
I am also praying for her to be an example to her fellow students.
To be a leader and not a follower and to keep her standards and morals in tact.
I'm sure her day will be great and although it will take some time to adjust
we are now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Happy first day of Second grade Sweet Pea!


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