truthful tuesday

the last couple days I have been thinking about honesty and how important it is in life.

as a person who has willingly stretched the truth a time or two ( or twelve)

I often wonder how honest we are with ourselves and others.

As I have gotten older I've found that I am able to get away with certain truths because of my age and have learned to be more honest / candid with myself and others.

So today will be my truthful Tuesday, and I will share a few of my truths and perhaps you will share a few of yours with me?

  • I spent the better part of my early twenties working hard and pAArtying harder - having my daughter kind of saved me from myself and got me focused on a bigger picture

  • I absolutely adore makeup and don't generally go a day without it.

  • We have a FABULOUS group of friends and family and I can't wait until our wedding day to see them all together!!!

  • I am not nervous about getting married but am nervous about writing and reading aloud my vows

  • I am fluent in sarcasm and use it as my weapon of choice

  • My fiance is my BEST friend and knows me inside and out and still wants to hang out with me. I think that's pretty cool.

  • I want to write a book - a novela of sorts but am not sure how, when or what it will be about

  • I am happy to have turned 30. I finally feel like it's all coming together

  • High school wasn't very fun for me. I had friends and was considered "popular" ( I guess) but I never really felt like I fit in and couldn't wait to get out

  • Going away to college felt like travelling to the moon. The atmosphere was different and it took some getting used to but thats where I felt like I came into my own

So do u have 10 truths for a Tuesday?


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