so excited!!!

ok so I've been busy moving and haven't had much chance to update on here.

I promise I will post w/ pics later in the week but I have to share some most exciting news!

I have a blogger friend Melissa (I actually went to high school with her) who writes thelensflare for her photography business Melissa Brandman Photography. I have been following her business as she's delving deeper into all aspects of photography and I must say that I LOVE her work. She's done a couple family photo shoots with several of our former classmates and I am always so impressed with how they turn out!

They are not the conventional - lets sit here and pose like so - they are out in nature and really capture the family and couples personalities!

So she just did a wedding this past weekend and posted the pics here and they are amazing!

First of all I love the attention to detail and how she manages to capture everything in the pictures, the background, the couple and the magic of the moment!

So needless to say I jumped at the chance to have her photograph OUR wedding next July and she said YES!!!!

I am so excited!

See, I was a bit worried about the whole photography situation. I've had friends who were so dissappointed with their wedding photos after they shelled out MAJOR duckets for a "world class photograhper". I also wanted someone who would get to know us as a couple before they just came in and started taking random pics, someone who would say "hey whats your vision? and which family shots are the most important to you?"a LOT of candid-ish shots that really show our personalities and I think Melissa is just the woman for the job!

So thanks again Melissa for agreeing to help us out can't wait to see how it turns out!!!


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