the simple things

* my daughter laughing at something funny in her room. all by herself.

* a guaranteed kiss on the face from my fiance in the morning before he leaves as I lay "sleeping"

* daydreaming about my honeymoon - will it be Negril or St. Lucia?

* floating in the pool on summer afternoon

* blowing bubbles on a walk

* turning a regular house into our home

* a text, email, or phone call from a family member saying they enjoy the blog :)

*getting all the laundry done in one day

*reading a book with my Sweet Pea

Check out my girl Christina's blog for more Simple Things!!!


  1. Negril or St. Lucia? I don't think there is a bad choice in the two. ; ) So simple and inviting the bubble picture is.
    Your list is so lovely.

  2. Bubbles!!! Great simple pleasure that one never outgrows. I keep some in my desk drawer at work, just to play with sometimes when I need a breather... It raises eyebrows but also smiles :o) What really made me smile though is the description of your daughter laughing out loud to herself - how beautiful!

    Lovely list all round!

  3. Those are wonderful simple things to be thankful for...especailly the sound of a child laughing :)

  4. Oh I dream of getting all the laundry done in one day! Great list!

  5. A wonderful list. I especially love the floating in the pool on a summer afternoon.

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely. especially like hearing your daughter laugh in the other room. that's a special moment/memory.

  7. hearing your children laugh - such a great pleasure!

  8. I've been out of town for weeks. (In fact, I wrote my own simple things post on a borrowed computer.) Anyway, I didn't want to miss visiting all of Christina's friends and reading their wonderful lists. I just wanted to say hello and tell you I enjoyed your list.


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