a second look - mostly pictures

Alright folks, as promised here are few more pics of the (mostly) finished new digs!
Of course we will add odds and ends here and there but all of our furniture is in and the boxes are finally ALL unpacked!

the living room - backside

kitchen -LOVING the counter & cabinet space

the dining area

view from the living room

(i'm dying because those pillows aren't straight)

view into the living room

the pinkest room ever

more princess pink - still not quite finished

Our room -
I can finally do yoga in front of the mirrors in my OWN room!

view from the second floor into the living room

We are so happy here! Everything we need and could ever want is close by
(with the exception of a few choice family members - I'm talking to YOU Valley dwellers!)
This has been such a blessing to find this house, turn it into our home and now we can enjoy it as a family.
Thanks to all who helped move, listened to me moan about finding a place, packing and then unpacking.
Hopefully soon we can have a cook out!


  1. How beautiful! I send you happiness and positive energy for your time in your new home. Oh and that pink? It rocks my world.
    : )


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