new digs!

I haven't posted in about a week. A real post anyway. not the last little dash of excited gibberish that I threw out into the blogosphere. And I'm finding that I miss it.

So here are some highlights!
this past week in the new house has been fabulous!
We are so excited to be in and well on our way to getting settled! The downstairs is pretty much done, but there are a few miscellaneous items that have yet to find a home. The a different story. We got all the boxes unpacked and most everything put away with the exception of the office and Sweet Pea's room. But that will be done by Tuesday of this week for sure.
I will post pics once it's all done, I really have a hard time taking pics of my house in this state of disarray which is why there aren't any as of yet.

By Wed I was burned out on unpacking so my good friend Niki ( who is also my new neighbor!!!) brought her kids over for a swim. I haven't seen her in about a year as they had moved up north for a bit and are now back so I was SUPER excited to see and talk to her in person!!
That evening the family headed back out for dinner and stumbled on our local farmer's market! Whoo Hoo!! Fresh fruit! The strawberries were DIVINE and I will be saving $ this week just to pick up some more!
Thurs - Babe hung up most of the pictures so it really feels like home now! He has been SO amazing throughout this whole process and it's such a blessing to have a man like him. I thank God everyday for allowing me to come to my senses!
Friday - Sweet Pea and I headed down to Long Beach and met up with a friend of mine from H.S. whom I hadn't seen in 10 years!!! I know it sounds pretty random but keep in mind I've known her since I'm 12 ( we cheeered together in jr.high and h.s.), she was one of my first friends on Facebook, and we have always liked each other but just lost contact as I moved away right after high school.
We took the kids to the "beach" (read the bay) and just enjoyed catching up with one another.
It was really fun and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the time we spent! Thanks Shan! <3

Saturday - one of my Sis-in-laws (Mimi) had called earlier in the week wanting to get some pool time in so she swung by w/ some chicken for Babe to throw on the grill, we called up one of our other friends and he brought his daughter and GF over to hang for a somewhat impromptu cookout. Babe's brother and younger sister even made the trek from Pasadena!
I love impromptu family get-toghethers!!!

We've had such a lovely week and I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!
Stay tuned!!!


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