moving day!!!

just a quick post as I have not been on here much this week!

my mind has been whirling and I have so many things to discuss but that will have to wait my lovelies for we are MOVING!!!!

yesterday 7/15/09 we went to pick up the keys, do a walk through and start unloading the cars!

Since it's just Damon and myself it's nice that we are able to take these first few days to really get to know our new digs and were able to unpack quite a few boxes so
we will pretty much have all the small things moved before the fellas come over on Saturday to get the heavy stuff!

You know what that means?

Amber will be enjoying the organizing portion of the move and will NOT be lifting a single box!

Whoo hoo!!!

I will post pics as we continue to make progress so you can see the before's - when its just a house; and after's - once we turn it into a home.

I realize however this will not all happen within the next month but will be an ongoing process, but Oh the possibilities!!!

I'm so excited!!!


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