it's my party......

I have a small confession.
I'm a bit of a party animal.
I like being a guest and a host.
I like to have people over for appetizers and drinks and to mingle.
and lets face it - I like to open presents
I mean who doesn't?
Which is why I am so excited about all the fun parties one gets to have as a Bride-to-Be!!!
It's amazing!
While working on a guest list for my Bridal Shower I got to thinking,
Do I really need ALL of these women there?
The answer: no, not really but it's what I WANT
It's my party and I'll invite who I want to.
Bridesmaids: check
college friends :check
former co-workers: check
mothers friends: check
long-lost high school friends: check
And isn't that what all the hoopla is about?
It's MY day and all about me right.....???
(LOL - I can't even type that w/ a straight face!)
However, when I really looked at the list I realized that it has grown by leaps and bounds.
So now, I want to have not only a Bridal Shower,
but maybe a Lingerie Shower like they used to do ,
as well as a Bachelorette Party
Is that too much?
I mean, there are so many friends and family members who live out of state and I want to include EVERYONE!!!!!
And want everyone to be able to come to something.
AND I know that not all people mix well in all surroundings, some Bridal shower ladies would not have so much fun at the Bachelorette Party and vice versa.
So my lovelies, tell me, who did YOU invite to your Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party ( if you had one)
Was there anyone who came you wish didn't and anyone you wished you'd invited instead?
I need all the help I can get!!!!


  1. I had 3 showers and a bachelorette party. Each shower had a different group of people there and, of course, only women who were invited to the wedding. My aunts threw me one for my side of the family and longtime family friends. My mother-in-laws friends threw me one for all of their family friends (John's family is all on the east coast). My bridesmaids threw me one for all of my girlfriends. My bachelorette party was a surprise and it was only bridesmaids. Super fun! =)


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