how manyof us have them....FRIENDS!!!!

when I think about what that song says:

Friends, how many of us have them.......Friends, ones we can depend on......

I really wonder - How many of us have friends that we trust and can depend on for ANYTHING?
Most folks have fair weather friends, friends who only come around when they want something, work friends, school friends, church friends, the "long lost friends" and even "frenemies".
But how many out there really have that close bond with another human being?
This is a subject very close to my heart as I often find myself feeling as if I have NO friends at all.
And at others too many!
With the wedding coming up next year, it's been interesting to see who is a REAL friend and who's coming out of the woodwork just to eat cake.
Truthfully , sometimes, life does get in the way, and we tend to not make time for friends as much as we do our weekly trip to Target.
"I'm too busy with work/school/family ( insert activity here) right now, I'll call her next week"
For those friends in other states and countries - we convince ourselves that its too late to call and they are probably too busy to talk anyway.
But how do you know that your phone call isn't exactly what they need right then?

Friendships are a vital part of our functionality as human beings.
Our ability to bond with another seperates us from animals and gives us that sense of community.
And I LOVE my friends.
From the oldest and dearest to the newest and youngest.
All my friends matter to me.
And so do my relationships with them.
I have friends of all ages, from all walks of life and schools of thought.
And it has made my life richer.
My friends are my family.
They are there for me when my family is/was not, they listen to my ideas, appreciate my peculiarity and enjoy my stories.
There are times in my life when I don't think that I would have made it through were it not for the love and support of close friends.
I am SO thankful!

My goal for the rest of this year and next is to really make and effort to spend more time with my friends.
Which, I think I have a good chance of with all the wedding activities.
Sounds odd I know, most people are concerned about the lack of time they spend with their family.
Not me. My family is tight. We roll deep. All the time.
But sometimes........
you just need to be with your girlfriends!!!!
So ladies be on the lookout for LOTS of ladies nights IN's and OUT's!!!
If we haven't been that close before - get ready.......we're about to get up close & personal!!!!


So tell me, do you have a great group of friends?
What makes them so great?
How often do you see them?
Are your friends friends?
Any good suggestions for a ladies night out?


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