Happy Birthday Nana Bear!!!!

As you may have realized we have a LOT of kids in my family so there is always a celebration of some sort going on.
This weekend was no exception.
We celebrated the 3rd birthday of the littlest princess......Nana Poo Poo Bear
Yes thats what we call her - she even calls herself Nana!
Our fabulous cousin Jodi hosted a Candyland -themed party for her on Saturday at
"Swimming Waters" where the kids got swim and eat candy galore
While the adults were free to eat, mingle and get their margarita on!!!

My other neices even made faux sushi out of rice krispy treats, gummy fish and fruit roll -ups!!! Which I managed to NOT get a picture of. :(

My favorite part of the day was when we sang Happy Birthday, her eyes lit up and she kept looking around in awe as we all sang to her!

I'm not sure she realized it was HER party until we sang "Happy Birthday dear Nana"!
It was such a fun day with the family, the kids had a blast and so did the adults!
Thanks Jodi for hosting and inviting us!!!!
Happy Birthday Poopy Pie!!!!


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