happy 4th!!!

We had the pleasure of spending the day with our good friends the Arrigo's and their family.
Joe and Damon have been friends since high school.
I met Joe through Damon over 10 years ago and we became really close.
Then when Joe met Teon she and I became close and we were even pregnant together!
They recently moved back to the area so we were excited to see them and spent the day at Joe's mothers' house - kids in the pool, grown ups watching and enjoying the weather!
The day actually passed with only 1 child getting hurt!!!!
Of course it was my kid but hey, thats what happens to accident prone people.

As the day wore on , and the whistle and crackle of fireworks grew louder we all moved out to the street to see a lovely fireworks "display". Because of where we were, we could see the fireworks from the Auto Club Speedway's Red, White and Cruise as well as the ones from Quak Stadium. Joe's mom bought a box of Safe and Sane fireworks for the kids and Sweet Pea held her first sparkler!!!
She was a little sketchy at first and didnt really want to hold it unless I was holding it with her.

But she finally got the hang of it.
And I can't say that I blame her.
I am terrified of fireworks.
I have a major fear that the embers will come down and catch something on fire.So I was a little relieved that Miss C showed some caution when it came to the sparklers.

All in all it was a great day spent w/ good friends.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their day too!!!


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