Domestic Challenge!!!

Greetings Everyone!
My friend Rachel has offered up a Domestic Challenge to us all here. And I for one am SO excited to take part!
All you have to do is simply use the products in your pantry before going to the store and doing a MAJOR overhaul.
For the most part I am really organized and do very well making money/ groceries last but it seems as of late my dollars aren't stretching very far!
Also, as we are moving into a new home and thus begining a new routine I wanted to start fresh and figured this was a great way to do it!
We have found that we do better financially when our meals for the week are planned out in advance and stretch for a day or two. So I will only be going to the store for dairy, produce, and meat until I run out of whatever is located in the pantry.
I'm pretty sure this is going to be a serious challenge for me as I suffer from "cravings" and sometimes lack creativity in the recipe department. But no matter, I am ready and willing to face the challenge and rise to the occassion!
I will post pics of the new pantry this weekend once the Internet is established over there.
Wish me luck and if anyone wants to take part! please join in!!!


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