coupled up.

It seems that everywhere you look people are coupled up.

and when they're not coupled up, they're breaking up.

from celebrities to regular folk.

you can't really avoid the mad world of coupledom.

That got me to thinking about all my wonderful friends and their significant others.

What kind of couples are they?

What kind of couple are we?

As we get closer to the wedding (359 days to be exact) , devling more into the planning process, we keep getting asked the same question: "well whats your couple style".

I have no idea how to answer that.

I mean, I have my own personal style, and so does he.

But together?

Hmmmm, never really thought of it that way.

Anywho-that got me to thinking about all the fabulous two-somes I have the privledge to be friends with. And I started to think that the couples we know pretty much run the gamut of proto-type couples;

the Celebrity Couple (not officially famous- but looks and acts like it), the Fashion Forward couple (please don't step on the new Gucci's), the Laid Back couple ( Can I wear shorts?), the Good time couple (what time does the party start? ) , the casual couple (chillin & grillin), the politically conscious couple (well my view is....), the "perfect" couple (whatever YOU like dear), the uber religious couple (and the Lord said" I will smite thee").... ......and the list goes on

And I wondered:

Where do we fit in?
How do other couple's perceive us?

Because the truth is:
none of the above labels are who those couples really are.

It's just how we choose to categorize them.
It's so much easier to put people into a box and check them off as being this or that.

For example: I have a fabulous friend. She and her hubby are super cute. They look fabulous whenever they go out, they know how to have a good time and have somehow cultivated this "image" from others of being a "Hollywood" couple, simply by the events they choose to attend. But this couldn't be farther from the truth.

They are the most down-to-earth, regular folks you could ever meet.
Wonderful family, strong morals and values and just REAL people.

But people see pics of her and of him and them together and think : Wow, they are like superstars.

My friend is baffled by this.
What a hard image to maintain, it would exhausting to keep up that kind of pre-text ALL the time.

We tend to categorize people into boxes and thats where they stay no matter what.
They may not be those people and once we get to know them, we now have to change our mental image of who they are.



What kind of couple are YOU part of?

Do you find that you and your significant other are categorized into a couple box amongst your group of friends?

How do you feel about that?

And do you think other's perception's of your relationship/lifestyle is fair?

Please enlighten me as I've been super curious all week long!


  1. we are the huxtables with a whole lot more reality going on. lol
    your wedding count down, begins. : )


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