ch-ch-ch- changes....

As I have said several times before we are moving.
And a week from today it will be official.
We go pick up the keys and do a walk through early Wednesday morning!
I'm super excited for all the things we're gaining in the move.
Better school district, closer to Damon's job,
more activities for our family,
closer to my mom and dad,
and other friends and family
as well as the joys of getting to "shop" my furniture and
breathe new life into my living space!
But I am super bummed out that my darling Sweet Pea is very distraught about the move.
She has been adamant about not wanting to move for a while
Even going so far as to point out "For Rent" signs in our area. :(
We tried to entice her by reminding her of all the fun new things she will get to enjoy
Painting and decorating a new room, her own bathroom,
a backyard, she'll still have a pool and we'll have more friends close by.
I can't really imagine how she feels.
I never moved as a kid.
My mom lives in the same house I grew up in.
My room there still has the same wallpaper from when I was 8.
So you see what I'm saying.
I don't really know what it's like to start over at 7.
However, I do remember having to make friends every summer at camp so I guess thats similar.
While I am certain that she will ultimately thrive in her new school and make a ton of friends.
I just pray that she will be able to deal and work through the reality of not living in this same house.
She will now need to learn a new address, make new friends, and start fresh.
there is beauty in all this and God willing, I have the ability to show her.
A new neighborhood to explore
A pool and playground
Local movies in the park
Art classes
A small garden for her flowers in the backyard that includes a fire pit for roasting marshmellows
Being closer to Disneyland!
One day she will look back and realize that it wasn't SO bad.


  1. Good luck with your move. It is so exciting to have a new start! I am sure Sweet Pea will love it soon. It's just a bit scary right now! It sounds as if you are moving to a lovely area too with lots of benefits.
    Thanks for your visit-your comment made me laugh as I was exactly the same at college. I had three recipes, sweet and sour chicken(which amazes me as I can't make it now!), cauliflower cheese and chilli. Then there was taost for everything else!

  2. Kids are so resiliant and I can tell already that you are going to help her adjust. It's great that she gets to decorate her room. She probably feels pretty out of control so giving her a "job", something she is in charge of and has control over, will make her feel better about the whole situation. What a good mommy! Good luck with all that fun packing. =/

  3. thanks ladies for the encouragement! i just hate seeing her sad!
    and shan - you're right, kids are much more resilient than we think.
    I'll keep you posted with pics of the "decorating" and the un-packing!!


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