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a second look - mostly pictures

Alright folks, as promised here are few more pics of the (mostly) finished new digs!
Of course we will add odds and ends here and there but all of our furniture is in and the boxes are finally ALL unpacked!
the living room - backside

kitchen -LOVING the counter & cabinet space

the dining area

view from the living room

(i'm dying because those pillows aren't straight)
view into the living room

the pinkest room ever

more princess pink - still not quite finished

Our room - I can finally do yoga in front of the mirrors in my OWN room!

view from the second floor into the living room

We are so happy here! Everything we need and could ever want is close by (with the exception of a few choice family members - I'm talking to YOU Valley dwellers!) This has been such a blessing to find this house, turn it into our home and now we can enjoy it as a family. Thanks to all who helped move, listened to me moan about finding a place, packing and then unpacking. Hopefully soon we can have a cook out…

preparation. need all your prayers

have a job interview tomorrow it seems like I have been preparing for interviews for so long. will be glad when I can stop. I need lots of prayer on this one. this time it's for a "proper" Beauty company and is definitely right up my alley. It feels right. Even before the interview I am coveting all your prayers out there in cyberspace. I am excited, not really nervous (yet) but want to make sure I have my game face on and come PREPARED!!! thanks in advance! check back for an update!

sneak peak

here are a few before pics of our new digs....will post more this weekend once the last few boxes are out of the way!

our realtor, shadow of babe & the kitchen/dining area

my pretty
pink tree
view from upstairs into the living room

master bedroom

living room more pics coming soon!

letting go. casting stones in glass houses.

WARNING: this is a venting post!!! after several conversations with a variety of both friends and family over the last few weeks I'm seeing a pattern and this has been on my mind. I'm one of those people who is a firm believer in "letting go" and just moving on. from any situation.
but lately i've noticed, i'm having a hard time with this. It seems that the "injustices" that I have observed, and experienced are at the forefront of my mind and I just can't seem to move past it.
This bothers me.
We are not supposed to hold onto our anger as it will fester in our hearts and minds and usually manifests itself in other ways.
And I'm not ANRGY, per se, more than I am hurt and confused. I'm always left wondering "why would ______ do/say /act like that?" Do I really deserve this kind of treatment? The answer is obviously NO.
No one deserves to be treated unfairly but it happens.

I was listening to Nina Simone earlier and one of my favorite son…

new digs!

I haven't posted in about a week. A real post anyway. not the last little dash of excited gibberish that I threw out into the blogosphere. And I'm finding that I miss it.

So here are some highlights!
this past week in the new house has been fabulous!
We are so excited to be in and well on our way to getting settled! The downstairs is pretty much done, but there are a few miscellaneous items that have yet to find a home. The a different story. We got all the boxes unpacked and most everything put away with the exception of the office and Sweet Pea's room. But that will be done by Tuesday of this week for sure.
I will post pics once it's all done, I really have a hard time taking pics of my house in this state of disarray which is why there aren't any as of yet.

By Wed I was burned out on unpacking so my good friend Niki ( who is also my new neighbor!!!) brought her kids over for a swim. I haven't seen her in about a year as they had moved up north f…

so excited!!!

ok so I've been busy moving and haven't had much chance to update on here.
I promise I will post w/ pics later in the week but I have to share some most exciting news!

I have a blogger friend Melissa (I actually went to high school with her) who writes thelensflare for her photography business Melissa Brandman Photography. I have been following her business as she's delving deeper into all aspects of photography and I must say that I LOVE her work. She's done a couple family photo shoots with several of our former classmates and I am always so impressed with how they turn out!
They are not the conventional - lets sit here and pose like so - they are out in nature and really capture the family and couples personalities!
So she just did a wedding this past weekend and posted the pics here and they are amazing!
First of all I love the attention to detail and how she manages to capture everything in the pictures, the background, the couple and the magic of the moment!
So needle…

B.F.F's ..... I Love 'em!!

A few days ago I posted this about friends and friendships. In light of that post I have spent the past few days talking to my two best friends and have to give them a special shout out! People say that "best means best" and you can't have more than one best friend. Well, I beg to differ. I am so blessed to have several women in my life that I can call friends. And even more blessed to have two in particular who have been there the longest and pretty much know me better than anyone. I cannot lie to them, I cannot pretend with them, I cannot hide things from them , nor can I keep a secret from them. Sorry folks! They are like that life vest that keeps me from drowning in a sea of uncertainty. One (Michelle) I have known since high school. We bonded after school one day, ended up giving her a ride home and really liked her. The next year we had drama together , I found out she too knew all the words to "Whoomp There it Is" and I felt I had found a kindred. We have be…

Domestic Challenge!!!

Greetings Everyone! My friend Rachel has offered up a Domestic Challenge to us all here. And I for one am SO excited to take part! All you have to do is simply use the products in your pantry before going to the store and doing a MAJOR overhaul. For the most part I am really organized and do very well making money/ groceries last but it seems as of late my dollars aren't stretching very far! Also, as we are moving into a new home and thus begining a new routine I wanted to start fresh and figured this was a great way to do it! We have found that we do better financially when our meals for the week are planned out in advance and stretch for a day or two. So I will only be going to the store for dairy, produce, and meat until I run out of whatever is located in the pantry. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a serious challenge for me as I suffer from "cravings" and sometimes lack creativity in the recipe department. But no matter, I am ready and willing to face the challe…

moving day!!!

just a quick post as I have not been on here much this week!
my mind has been whirling and I have so many things to discuss but that will have to wait my lovelies for we are MOVING!!!!

yesterday 7/15/09 we went to pick up the keys, do a walk through and start unloading the cars!

Since it's just Damon and myself it's nice that we are able to take these first few days to really get to know our new digs and were able to unpack quite a few boxes so
we will pretty much have all the small things moved before the fellas come over on Saturday to get the heavy stuff!

You know what that means?

Amber will be enjoying the organizing portion of the move and will NOT be lifting a single box!

Whoo hoo!!!

I will post pics as we continue to make progress so you can see the before's - when its just a house; and after's - once we turn it into a home.

I realize however this will not all happen within the next month but will be an ongoing process, but Oh the possibilities!!!

I'm so excited!!!

i like this

" Like a butterfly dancing among the flowers, immerse yourself in the sweet nectar" Beacause it's Monday and in light of all the packing, moving and organizing craziness that will ensue this week I will use this quote as a reminder to stop, breathe, not only smell the roses but take the time to learn the names as well. I know that I have been moving too fast lately and have been "settling" for mediocrity. No more. Since we move this week - this will be a fresh start. Take charge of my actions (or lack thereof) and re-FOCUS my attentions to where it needs to be.

Happy Birthday Nana Bear!!!!

As you may have realized we have a LOT of kids in my family so there is always a celebration of some sort going on. This weekend was no exception.
We celebrated the 3rd birthday of the littlest princess......Nana Poo Poo Bear Yes thats what we call her - she even calls herself Nana! Our fabulous cousin Jodi hosted a Candyland -themed party for her on Saturday at "Swimming Waters" where the kids got swim and eat candy galore While the adults were free to eat, mingle and get their margarita on!!!
My other neices even made faux sushi out of rice krispy treats, gummy fish and fruit roll -ups!!! Which I managed to NOT get a picture of. :(
My favorite part of the day was when we sang Happy Birthday, her eyes lit up and she kept looking around in awe as we all sang to her!
I'm not sure she realized it was HER party until we sang "Happy Birthday dear Nana"!
It was such a fun day with the family, the kids had a blast and so did the adults! Thanks Jodi for hosting and inviting u…

it's my party......

I have a small confession. I'm a bit of a party animal. I like being a guest and a host. I like to have people over for appetizers and drinks and to mingle. and lets face it - I like to open presents I mean who doesn't? Which is why I am so excited about all the fun parties one gets to have as a Bride-to-Be!!! It's amazing! While working on a guest list for my Bridal Shower I got to thinking, Do I really need ALL of these women there? The answer: no, not really but it's what I WANT It's my party and I'll invite who I want to. Bridesmaids: check college friends :check former co-workers: check mothers friends: check long-lost high school friends: check And isn't that what all the hoopla is about? It's MY day and all about me right.....??? (LOL - I can't even type that w/ a straight face!) However, when I really looked at the list I realized that it has grown by leaps and bounds. So now, I want to have not only a Bridal Shower, but maybe a Lingerie Shower like they used …

how manyof us have them....FRIENDS!!!!

when I think about what that song says:
Friends, how many of us have them.......Friends, ones we can depend on......

I really wonder - How many of us have friends that we trust and can depend on for ANYTHING?
Most folks have fair weather friends, friends who only come around when they want something, work friends, school friends, church friends, the "long lost friends" and even "frenemies".
But how many out there really have that close bond with another human being?
This is a subject very close to my heart as I often find myself feeling as if I have NO friends at all.
And at others too many!
With the wedding coming up next year, it's been interesting to see who is a REAL friend and who's coming out of the woodwork just to eat cake.
Truthfully , sometimes, life does get in the way, and we tend to not make time for friends as much as we do our weekly trip to Target.
"I'm too busy with work/school/family ( insert activity here) right now, I'll call her nex…

Thirsty Thursday - Raspberry Iced Tea

Welcome Back To Thirsty Thursdays!! Today I am featuring a drink from Down Home with The Neely's : Gina' Raspberry Iced Tea ~ Tea: 10 bags Raspberry Zinger tea 4 bags Hibiscus tea 12 cups water Sugar Syrup: 1 cup sugar
1 cup water 1 pint raspberries 1/2 cup fresh lime juice fresh mint sprigs for garnish Place the tea bags in a large heat proof picther. Boil the water, pour it over the tea bags and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags, an allow the tea to cool. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan, and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer briefly, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and add the raspberries, then allow the mixture to come to room temperature. Combine the tea, raspberry syrup, and fresh lime juice in a large pictcher. To serve, pour the sweet tea into large glasses filled with ice and garnish with sprigs of mint . Enjoy Lovelies!!!

ch-ch-ch- changes....

As I have said several times before we are moving. And a week from today it will be official. We go pick up the keys and do a walk through early Wednesday morning! I'm super excited for all the things we're gaining in the move. Better school district, closer to Damon's job, more activities for our family, closer to my mom and dad, and other friends and family as well as the joys of getting to "shop" my furniture and breathe new life into my living space! But I am super bummed out that my darling Sweet Pea is very distraught about the move. She has been adamant about not wanting to move for a while Even going so far as to point out "For Rent" signs in our area. :( We tried to entice her by reminding her of all the fun new things she will get to enjoy Painting and decorating a new room, her own bathroom, a backyard, she'll still have a pool and we'll have more friends close by. I can't really imagine how she feels. I never moved as a kid. My mom lives in t…

the simple things

* my daughter laughing at something funny in her room. all by herself.
* a guaranteed kiss on the face from my fiance in the morning before he leaves as I lay "sleeping"

* daydreaming about my honeymoon - will it be Negril or St. Lucia?

* floating in the pool on summer afternoon

* blowing bubbles on a walk

* turning a regular house into our home

* a text, email, or phone call from a family member saying they enjoy the blog :)

*getting all the laundry done in one day

*reading a book with my Sweet Pea

Check out my girl Christina's blog for more Simple Things!!!

truthful tuesday

the last couple days I have been thinking about honesty and how important it is in life.
as a person who has willingly stretched the truth a time or two ( or twelve)
I often wonder how honest we are with ourselves and others.
As I have gotten older I've found that I am able to get away with certain truths because of my age and have learned to be more honest / candid with myself and others.
So today will be my truthful Tuesday, and I will share a few of my truths and perhaps you will share a few of yours with me?

I spent the better part of my early twenties working hard and pAArtying harder - having my daughter kind of saved me from myself and got me focused on a bigger picture
I absolutely adore makeup and don't generally go a day without it.
We have a FABULOUS group of friends and family and I can't wait until our wedding day to see them all together!!!
I am not nervous about getting married but am nervous about writing and reading aloud my vows
I am fluent in sarcasm and use it…

because I needed this today.


back to one.

and now I find myself at one....
had 2 pretty great interviews but somehow they fell through
so still no job

Although I am disappointed I have to look on the bright side right?
That just means this wasnt the place I'm supposed to be
There is, I'm sure, something better out there for me.
I just have to be patient and I'll see.
But why do I kinda feel like they broke up with me
And this too shall pass.......
just waiting for whatever the Lord has instore for me

happy 4th!!!

We had the pleasure of spending the day with our good friends the Arrigo's and their family.
Joe and Damon have been friends since high school. I met Joe through Damon over 10 years ago and we became really close. Then when Joe met Teon she and I became close and we were even pregnant together! They recently moved back to the area so we were excited to see them and spent the day at Joe's mothers' house - kids in the pool, grown ups watching and enjoying the weather! The day actually passed with only 1 child getting hurt!!!! Of course it was my kid but hey, thats what happens to accident prone people.
As the day wore on , and the whistle and crackle of fireworks grew louder we all moved out to the street to see a lovely fireworks "display". Because of where we were, we could see the fireworks from the Auto Club Speedway's Red, White and Cruise as well as the ones from Quak Stadium. Joe's mom bought a box of Safe and Sane fireworks for the kids and Sweet Pea hel…