In light of turning the big 3-0 I was doing some soul searching and started wandering down memory lane back to the days when I used to write poetry more often
so - here is an example of my pithy 19 yr .old self :
I remember everything
but forget what I choose to
I overlook the obvious
and focus instead on the obscure
I hope for the best
and prepare for the worst
my thoughts come fast and erratic
my words, slow and cautious
I think before I speak
but act without thinking
I advocate honesty
but am willing to stretch the truth
I claim to be an adult
but retain my childish ways
I say one thing
and do another
I can be your best friend
and your worst enemy
I can make you laugh
then turn around and make you cry
I am Daddy's little girl
but my Mothers daughter
I will rob Peter to pay Paul
and not feel bad
I am highly opinionated
but wont always speak my mind
I am poetry in motion
an angel sent from heaven
dressed as the devil in disguise
so its up to you
am I a sinner or a saint?
either way I am not ashamed
I think I am a walking contradiction
split personalities
yet one in the same
I am all these things and more
a Gemini to the very core.


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