long time coming....

This past Saturday was MY graduation from FIDM!!!!
My Beauty BF and fellow bad girl Ashley A.

my fabulously sassy friend Sara
my favorite teacher won the Outstanding Faculty Award for Beauty

the BaD GiRlS of bEaUtY
(minus megan)

ms. ava and I

the Bad Girls of Beauty - ready for their close up

the ashley's and me

beauty girls do it in color

the happy graduate

all the march '09 Beauty grads

Congratulations Ladies!

We did it!
I am so proud of how far we have come in such a short time
some of us will remain friends,
some will be acquaintances,
and some will go their seperate ways
we have one shared experience
and a commonality that is not often found
in the contemporary university.
We are creative
and we are visionaries,
we will change the way beauty is perceived
we will break down walls
break all the rules
and make them up as we go
I have no doubt that everyone of you
will be successful in whatever area of the industry you pursue
I wish you well my beauties
may the memories at FIDM stay fresh
may your skin always be clear
your foundation flawless
your mascara lengthening
and your lipgloss luscious.


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