is anybody listening????

the trouble with blogging is you get limited feedback.
its a great way to unload
share stories and pics of friends and family with those that are far away.
after awhile though- you begin to think that you are talking to yourself!
and in a way - its kind of a good thing.
you can say whats on your mind (hopefully without worrying about the reprecussions)
voice your opinion and get on your soapbox and spout your beliefs!
but unless people comment or your blog is "featured" on someone else's sight or is a blog of note ( for all you on, you're not guaranteed readership/ fan base.
some of my friends are like : "why should I start a blog? Who's gonna read it? who really cares?"

Oddly enough -
there are people who DO care.
They ARE interested.
They may not know YOU but for whatever reason your blog spoke to them and they are now intrigued.
I don't have a lot of followers, nor do I get a ton of comments on my posts.
but you know what?
i just found out that the majority of my family reads this blog.
And they LOVE it!
They like being able to click a link and see what the Sweet Pea is up to, or to find out how the house hunting is going. Or whats going on with the job situation.
it's nice to know that what you are saying has meaning and is interesting but it's even nicer to know that someone actually looks forward to your posts!!!!


I wonder: Does anyone else feel ,at times, like they are all by themsleves? How do you cope?
Do you keep posting and hoping someone comments or do you constantly comment on other blogs hoping that someone will check out yours in return????


  1. It's always nice to get a comment or two. My main objective for blogging is more to document for my own memories and for my kids. But just so you know, I always check in when I've seen that you've posted something new. ;) ♥


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