I wanna Rock With You ......P.Y.T

Michael Jackson died yesterday June 25th 2009.
Words fail me right now.
I can remember watching him perform at the Motown special and do the Moonwalk for the first time.
The first record I ever owned was Thriller.
His music was a major cornerstone of my childhood.
My entire family are huge fans of Motown and I can remember jamming to the Jackson 5 with my brother.
My mom still has the albums at her house.
I am in shock along with the rest of the world.
And I will mourn the loss of this musical prodigy.
Last night Damon and I had a small dance party and I watched a bunch of his videos.
Today, as we clean and pack up our space .......
I will introduce Sweet Pea to the magic of the man's music.
I will leave you with Michael as I choose to remember him.
Rock on Michael......


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