hoping and wishing and praying......

If you have been reading my blog at all you may realize that I am a serious hunter.
I hunt for shoes, jewelry, books and most of all bargains.
But lately I have only been hunting a few specific items.

first I was searching for just the right house.


Now I am searching for just the right job that will allow me to begin a career.
Not just work in an office and get paid.
I want to actually like what I do.

Even if it's not my dream job right now.....
on the other hand.....
who knows, maybe it will end up being just that.

But I do want to get back out there.
I have so enjoyed my time off from the "real world" of punching in, customer deadlines and company politics while I was in school but now i'm ready to "get back out there".

It seems a bit daunting right now how it will all come together with the move, job search and Sweet Pea's schedule but I am sure God will provide a way for it to work.


My job search has been well under way for several months and on Monday I received a call from one of the companies I applied to last week!!!

They scheduled an interview for this morning.
I feel like it went really well!!!

I don't want to say too much about it just yet but its a cosmetic's company and the position is one in which I have previously excelled so I am PRAYING that this all works out.

What a blessing it is to get a call about a job two days after celebrating my graduation!!!

And what a blessing it would be if this was the job I have been waiting for!!!

Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers in the coming weeks as I wait to hear back!!!


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