fathers day - a lil late

Happy Fathers day to my wonderful fiance.

babe, you take such good care of me and our sweet pea.

Thank you for being the kind of man she can look up to, rely on and trust in.

Your patience with her knows no bounds and neither does her adoration.

My cup runneth over when I see you bend down and scoop her up as she runs to you when you walk in the door.

You are an amazing Father.

I love you.


to MY Dad:

you are my hero!

you have rescued me more often than not

and never reminded me of that

you are a strong


man -of -God

who has provided me with an example of love

that was only recently matched

you have watched me grow

stumble and trip

and you were there to put band-aids on the bruises

and help guide my way.

THANK YOU !!!!!!

for being amazing

forever and always,

your little girl


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