cycles. stages & the beat goes on.....

The other day I was chatting with my friend Rachel about how quickly time flies with your children. We were discussing how much fun she was having with her little one at home and how she embraces each day and I shared a bit of my experience from when Sweet Pea was that age.
I often post how it seems like just yesterday she was wrapped up as a burrito and then suddenly she was potty training and begining pre-school!
This weekend I was duly reminded how quickly time does fly.
Saturday was family day and we chose to spend it at the movies!
After which we went shopping as our Sweet Pea is experiencing a growth spurt and none of her clothes fit.
I have never really "taken" her shopping.
She's gone with me. We've looked at clothes and ultimately I decide what we are buying.
This time was a bit different.
She's seven now, and therefore not only wishes to have a say in what she's wearing,
has to try-on clothes ; a task I despise.
Add to that having a very distinct opinion on her "style" and it made for a pretty interesting experience.
We also ended up buying her some new " big girl" gladiator style sandals, which are too cute on her -very stylish and trendy.
The whole process left me with mixed emotions - I am SO proud of the young lady she's becoming and I am truly enjoying this stage in her life.
She is somewhat independent, a free spirit with lots of love to give and I can't wait to see how she grows, and yet I am also sad, my baby is growing up.
Right before my eyes.
My how time flies.
But hey, the beat goes on right?
Live in the moment and enjoy each stage as it all goes by so quickly!


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