Its my 30th birthday today!

Wow does time fly!
It seems like only yesterday I was
holding my breath for 16
waiting patiently for 18
dying to turn 21
before I knew it 25 was here
and 30 was staring me in the face
I feel like I have come so far
yet still have so much to learn
see and do

I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings
as it has started off pretty fabulous
I used to think that I didn't want to get older
and was somewhat terrified of what that might signify
I have realized that I don't really get OLDER
I'm only getting BETTER!

And to be honest.....
I don't FEEL 30
and I know I don't LOOK 30.....


But I must say that I am grateful for this stage in my life
I am more confident than I was in my teens
more settled than I was in my twenties
and am looking forward to the rest of the journey
on this roller coaster ride of my life
Bring it on 30 -I'm ready, willing and able :)

To all my friends out there:
thank you so much for your many years of love and support
it means more to me than you know
thank you for being so accepting of my :
personality flaws
big mouth and inability to be quiet for very long
need to make jokes
inappropriate laughter and humor
random acts of dancing
love of shoes and all things makeup related
grouchiness in the morning
and most of all :
for being such great friends!
a lot of you have been there for over 15 years
and that is nothing short of phenomenal
you have watched me grow into the woman I have become
and have never looked back.


  1. Wow this thing has truly grown. I think I saw the very first post and didn't realize it was a recurring thing. I got a lot of catching up to do! Congratulations on becoming one year older, hopefully we will see 30 more years times three.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    Btw, did you ever see the post I made about how to add your awards to your sidebar? The link is here: http://mama-jenn.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-display-your-awards-on-your.html

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!!!!! You are right--you do NOT look 30!!!!!

  4. Aloha Peace and Blessings,

    Happy Birthday!

    Amber, Jason and I were just pushing your stroller through the park few days ago. Wow

    I am hoping I can celebrate all of the wonderful things aligning in your life when I arrive next week.

    May the peace power and presence of God's holy
    spirit be in and surround you eternally.
    Give me a call.


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