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cycles. stages & the beat goes on.....

The other day I was chatting with my friend Rachel about how quickly time flies with your children. We were discussing how much fun she was having with her little one at home and how she embraces each day and I shared a bit of my experience from when Sweet Pea was that age. I often post how it seems like just yesterday she was wrapped up as a burrito and then suddenly she was potty training and begining pre-school! This weekend I was duly reminded how quickly time does fly. Saturday was family day and we chose to spend it at the movies! After which we went shopping as our Sweet Pea is experiencing a growth spurt and none of her clothes fit. I have never really "taken" her shopping. She's gone with me. We've looked at clothes and ultimately I decide what we are buying. This time was a bit different. She's seven now, and therefore not only wishes to have a say in what she's wearing, has to try-on clothes ; a task I despise. Add to that having a very distinct opini…

I wanna Rock With You ......P.Y.T

Michael Jackson died yesterday June 25th 2009. Words fail me right now.
I can remember watching him perform at the Motown special and do the Moonwalk for the first time.
The first record I ever owned was Thriller.
His music was a major cornerstone of my childhood.
My entire family are huge fans of Motown and I can remember jamming to the Jackson 5 with my brother.
My mom still has the albums at her house.
I am in shock along with the rest of the world. And I will mourn the loss of this musical prodigy.
Last night Damon and I had a small dance party and I watched a bunch of his videos.
Today, as we clean and pack up our space ....... I will introduce Sweet Pea to the magic of the man's music.
I will leave you with Michael as I choose to remember him.
Rock on Michael......

is anybody listening????

the trouble with blogging is you get limited feedback. its a great way to unload
share stories and pics of friends and family with those that are far away. after awhile though- you begin to think that you are talking to yourself!
and in a way - its kind of a good thing.
you can say whats on your mind (hopefully without worrying about the reprecussions)
voice your opinion and get on your soapbox and spout your beliefs!
but unless people comment or your blog is "featured" on someone else's sight or is a blog of note ( for all you on, you're not guaranteed readership/ fan base.
some of my friends are like : "why should I start a blog? Who's gonna read it? who really cares?"

Oddly enough -
there are people who DO care.
They ARE interested.
They may not know YOU but for whatever reason your blog spoke to them and they are now intrigued.
I don't have a lot of followers, nor do I get a ton of comments on my posts.
but you know what?
i just foun…

thirsty thursday

Since it IS officially summer I've decided I'm going to try and get more creative with my posts.
Other blogs, have a wordless wednesday, aloha friday, toddler get the picture.
I am going to have "Thirsty Thursdays"!!!
We all like cool and refreshing beverages whether they be alcoholic or non. Its the summer!!! Who doesn't like to cool off w/ a cold drink?
So each week I will post a cool new drink recipe for you all to try out!
Let me know if you make it and how it comes out!! ***************************************************** The first recipe is from my favourite southern cooking couple: The Neely's For those of you not in the know - The Neely's host "Down Home with the Neely's" and "Road Tasted with the Neely's" on the Food Network!

I think they are such an adorable couple and they make such good food!!! Damon and I have tried quite a few of their recipes and EVERYTHING is excellent!!! So imagine my excitement while str…

hoping and wishing and praying......

If you have been reading my blog at all you may realize that I am a serious hunter. I hunt for shoes, jewelry, books and most of all bargains. But lately I have only been hunting a few specific items.
first I was searching for just the right house.
Now I am searching for just the right job that will allow me to begin a career. Not just work in an office and get paid. I want to actually like what I do.
Even if it's not my dream job right now..... on the other hand..... who knows, maybe it will end up being just that.
But I do want to get back out there. I have so enjoyed my time off from the "real world" of punching in, customer deadlines and company politics while I was in school but now i'm ready to "get back out there".
It seems a bit daunting right now how it will all come together with the move, job search and Sweet Pea's schedule but I am sure God will provide a way for it to work.

My job search has been well under way for several months …

Tutus & fairy princesses

oh my goodness! My friend Michelle over at FlyingGigglesandLollipops just hipped me to the cutest thing! SugarbeezTutus over on Etsy!
All the tutus on Sugarbeez are machine sewn and feature a "no roll" waistband! They are individually crafted and made to order so no two are alike! I am so excited! I have been looking for something a little frou-frou for the girls to wear in the wedding next summer and I think this might be it! I can't wait to order one for Sweet Pea and Nana Bear!!! Thanks again Michelle!!

long time coming....

This past Saturday was MY graduation from FIDM!!!! My Beauty BF and fellow bad girl Ashley A.

my fabulously sassy friend Sara my favorite teacher won the Outstanding Faculty Award for Beauty

the BaD GiRlS of bEaUtY
(minus megan)

ms. ava and I

the Bad Girls of Beauty - ready for their close up

the ashley's and me

beauty girls do it in color

the happy graduate

all the march '09 Beauty grads

Congratulations Ladies!
We did it!
I am so proud of how far we have come in such a short time
some of us will remain friends,
some will be acquaintances,
and some will go their seperate ways
we have one shared experience
and a commonality that is not often found
in the contemporary university.
We are creative
and we are visionaries,
we will change the way beauty is perceived
we will break down walls
break all the rules
and make them up as we go
I have no doubt that everyone of you
will be successful in whatever area of the industry you pursue
I wish you well my beauties
may the memories at FIDM stay fresh
may your s…

fathers day - a lil late

Happy Fathers day to my wonderful fiance.
babe, you take such good care of me and our sweet pea.
Thank you for being the kind of man she can look up to, rely on and trust in.
Your patience with her knows no bounds and neither does her adoration.
My cup runneth over when I see you bend down and scoop her up as she runs to you when you walk in the door.
You are an amazing Father.
I love you.

to MY Dad:

you are my hero!

you have rescued me more often than not

and never reminded me of that

you are a strong


man -of -God

who has provided me with an example of love

that was only recently matched

you have watched me grow

stumble and trip

and you were there to put band-aids on the bruises

and help guide my way.

THANK YOU !!!!!!

for being amazing

forever and always,

your little girl


Earlier I posted about my nieces graduation and party. Here are a few pics from both:
*****My niece is very special to our family. She was born premature and barely weighed a whole pound. And she was the first female grandchild in my fiance's family. To have watched her as an infant fighting for her life and to see how far she has come causes my whole family to well up in tears. This is a moment her doctors believed would never happen and it fills my heart with joy to see how God gave this child her life and allowed her to be such a blessing to her family.

Congrats Muffin we love you!!*******

the happy graduate!!! the graduate and her parents the graduate and her grands

all the women in the "familia" we roll deep

the cake from one of our family fave bakeries : Hansens

my baby, my littlest neice, my nephew and two of my sis-in-loves

the ladies

grandmother, granna, sweet pea,& kerri

my neice and her "cousin"

a relief

They say you don't get what you want when you want it but rather when you need it the most. I find this to be true at times. However, I am used to getting what I want and I don't have a lot of patience. If I cannot get what I want then I want to know WHY and HOW COME and get to the bottom of things. Alas, some things are out of my control For the last few months I have been semi-stressed out about finding a job. Add to that trying to plan a wedding and throw a move into the mix and you have a recipe for a pretty frazzled mommy. I have been praying on my situations and just waiting on the Lord, to see what happens while still being pro-active in my search for a home and employment. It was begining to look like we were going to have to settle for a place that wasn't quite what we wanted but it seemed God had something else in mind. Thursday evening my realtor Amber called me all ecstatic about a house she just saw that hasn't even gone on the market yet. It was a little more tha…

weekend wrap up

What a busy busy week and weekend!

* **my 30th birthday was Tuesday June 9th and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the week. Damon and I had a lovely dinner at P.F.Chang's (one of my fave restaurants)

* **Friday morning I went to go look at a house - this is nothing new as we are looking to move- and fell in LOVE! It had everything we were looking for and is in a great,safe area, good school district and closer to Babe's job and I just found out that it's ours!!!! whoo hooo!!

*** Saturday- My neice is graduated from jr. high on tuesday so we had a party to celebrate.

** Her cousins also graduated from high school , jr high and elementary school respectively.

All in all we had 6 graduates this year including myself!
We are so proud of all the kids and can't wait to see what life has in store as they move on in the world!


In light of turning the big 3-0 I was doing some soul searching and started wandering down memory lane back to the days when I used to write poetry more often
so - here is an example of my pithy 19 yr .old self :
Contradiction I remember everything but forget what I choose to I overlook the obvious and focus instead on the obscure I hope for the best and prepare for the worst my thoughts come fast and erratic my words, slow and cautious I think before I speak but act without thinking I advocate honesty but am willing to stretch the truth I claim to be an adult but retain my childish ways I say one thing and do another I can be your best friend and your worst enemy I can make you laugh then turn around and make you cry I am Daddy's little girl but my Mothers daughter I will rob Peter to pay Paul and not feel bad I am highly opinionated
but wont always speak my mind
I am poetry in motion an angel sent from heaven dressed as the devil in disguise so its up to you am I a sinner or a saint? either way I am not ash…


Its my 30th birthday today!
Wow does time fly!
It seems like only yesterday I was
holding my breath for 16
waiting patiently for 18
dying to turn 21
before I knew it 25 was here
and 30 was staring me in the face
I feel like I have come so far
yet still have so much to learn
see and do
I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings
as it has started off pretty fabulous
I used to think that I didn't want to get older
and was somewhat terrified of what that might signify
I have realized that I don't really get OLDER
I'm only getting BETTER!
And to be honest.....
I don't FEEL 30
and I know I don't LOOK 30.....

But I must say that I am grateful for this stage in my life
I am more confident than I was in my teens
more settled than I was in my twenties
and am looking forward to the rest of the journey
on this roller coaster ride of my life
Bring it on 30 -I'm ready, willing and able :)

To all my friends out there:
thank y…