Yes to the Dress?

Wednesday is my "free" day.
My soon to be Mother-In-Law picks my daughter up from school and lets me have the WHOLE day to myself.


I usually waste the day away running errands and catching up on household chores but today.....

I tried on wedding dresses!!!!!!!

I had seen a few that I liked in some magazines , tore the pictures out and fully intended to bring them with me.

But alas, I forgot them at home......

Since I am on a SERIOUS budget I dragged my girlfriend Ashley to my local David'sBridal to see what I could see and just to get the trying on process out of the way.

Fortunately for me,
Ashley is a really wonderful friend and was more than happy to take pics while I tried on countless dresses and tried to decide on "lapis" and "watermelon" colored bridesmaid gowns

I must say I was quite surprised

a) by the selection and the wonderful price points offered

b) by how much I enjoyed the process

c) that I actually found a few dresses that I can SEE myself in

This makes me VERY happy!

I do NOT like trying on clothes, especially dresses, and was in no way looking forward to this process.

I know thats not really "PC" to say since most brides -to-be are super excited to look for their
wedding dresses but I am a little different.

Chalk it up to years of trying on formal dresses with my mother
-in a communal dressing room no less-
dresses that I was not always interested in trying on and well......
you can kind of see why I have an issue with it.

Anywho - THIS time was different and fun!
And now I'm excited to try on more....... if necessary

I kind of think I've found "the one" but will probably need a second opinion

so to all my married readers let me ask YOU
"How did you know your dress was THE DRESS? "


  1. first, i have to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. and about the dress, well... how do i know that that's it? i'm not sure because at the time that we were about to get married, we only have a little money to spend on the dress. although, it's not my type, still i have to get it for it's the only one we can afford. aaaaw... not helpful... but i hope you'll find something that's worth spending for and i hope it's the kind that'll make you say "I found it!"... good luck! hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I knew when my grandmother did a little gasp when I put it one. DONE!


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