The Mom Moment

My Redbook this month has an article titled -
"The Moment I first felt, 'I'm a Mom' "

I thought it was pretty interesting given that most people figure you become a mom when you give birth.

Not necessarily true.

The context of the article is about the moment you first feel, that connectedness to your child.

The feeling that you look at them and realize how they forever changed you and what an extension of you they are.

When you are struck by how incredible they are and who you have become because of them.

This is the "mom" moment.

I was the first of my really close friends to have a baby and I distinctly remember knowing that I was a mother but not feeling like that defined ME.

I was slowly navigating this new road and it was challenging , a bit frightening not knowing what to expect but I was definitely up for it.

Then one day, I was watching her play with another child who took something from her and it hit me:

She is my child and I would do ANYTHING for her.

I want to be there for her through all her triumphs as well as the tribulations.

I want to protect her from the bad things but don't want to shelter her.

Most of all, I want her to grow up to be a strong, confident woman who is able to handle the things that come her way.

I am so proud of my Sweet Pea that sometimes my heart feels like its going to burst!

So tell me, what was your "mom" moment?


  1. I feel like I can't really pick, but one of my favorite moments was the first time Kensington hugged me without a reason. She just walked over and wrapped her arms around me and squeezed. Amazing.


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