flat stanley

Not sure how many of you out there in blogger land have had the joy of experiencing Flat Stanley but we got ours back from school last week and I was amazed at all the places he's been!
For those of you who don't know- Stanley is a normal boy who is crushed under a bulletin board one day and becomes flat. Due to his size, Stanley can now go any and everywhere!!!
He even gets folded into an envelope and sent to visit his grandparents!!
So we sent Stanley to my Aunt Sheila aka Tia Sheila and to our little cousin Isabella who is the same age as Sweet Pea!
Here are a few pics of some of Stanley's adventures

he visited the library and went to school with Isabella and Solomon

he worked in the cafeteria, helped out in the office and even made employee of the day!!!!

the creative women at Tia's school made him a lunch and gave him a Laker's jersey and basketball

Thanks to all our family who helped us out by taking such great pictures and creating such exciting experiences for him!!


  1. Flat Stanley is AMAZING! We used it in one of the classrooms I taught in! So great for the kids--they loved it!

  2. i can't wait until my neice is old enough so WE can do it for her (3 more years)!
    it was so fun to see how creative our Tia and other family members are and what willing participants!


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