date night

Obama's enjoy date night in NYC.

This is the first headline I came across this morning and I have to admit that I clicked on the article to read more!

I am totally obsessed w/ the Obama's and have come to view them as some kind of Iconic couple.

I know that a lot of people are not real big fans of his policies but I feel like we all have to admit that his and Michelle's relationship is something for the record books.

It makes me feel good to see the President and his wife having date nights and being affectionate.

In fact, it downright gives me the chills when I think about how they are showcasing black love for all the world to see.

You see, even though its 2009, in a country like ours we rarely see the positive sides of love & relationships being explored and exploited.

It seems our society thrives on the negativity and that breaks my heart.

I love that they go out, hold hands and kiss.

It makes me feel good to see that.

It makes me proud to have my daughter see that wonderful example in the highest of positions. It gives me so much joy to know that my President is in love w/ his wife.

No need to worry about where HIS focus is......have u seen her???

And since I am getting married in a year I think it is a wonderful example for my future husband and myself.

After many years of marriage, two childeren, careers and a presidency this couple is still "hot " for each other.

I can only pray that my husband and I have the same chemistry and bond after as many years.

To all my friends in blogging land......

Do you and your hubby have a date night? and if so how often and what do you do?

Just curious and trying to get ideas and tips on how to keep a marriage interesting......

as always all your comments are appreciated!!


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