cinco de mayo

yesterday was such a fun day!

the weather was fabulous, I had a great workout, and then my mommy "play date" with my neighbor!

Sweet Pea and I made friends at the pool last summer and we finally saw them again !(they live on the other side of our complex)

the girls had so much fun playing princess at the pool - I thought I should invite them over to play one day soon.

So with Cinco de Mayo on the horizon I got the bright idea to invite Davece and her adorable daughter Olivia over for margaritas and princess playtime!

The girls wasted no time in getting down to business and, to be honest, neither did we!

So much fun to chat with another mother and compare stories!

Thanks for hanging out ladies!
Hope we can do it again soon!!

We then rushed back to school for Open House/Family Fun Night!

It was so neat to see all the kids work and they were so excited!

The In-N-Out truck was there and we were able to have a nice dinner outside and then were able to enjoy a magic/illusion show where the principle was to get sawed in half!

All the kids were wiggly with anticipation and I must admit it was a pretty cute show!


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