best policy.

As I continue to navigate this world of blogging and I delve deeper into reading about other people's lives and experiences I absolutely AMAZED by the level of candid honesty that emanates from these writers!

What a wonderful experience it has been to share in other's stories!

their triumphs and joys

the laughter

the tears

the pictures

but its all REAL!

in this age of "Reality TV" and the whole "celebreality" phenomenon,

it's rare that we find such barren honesty in our culture!

It has inspired me to be more honest in my writing and to really get to the heart of matters

Instead of showing you a "glimpse" of life - these women are really baring their souls!

I am so appreciative I can't begin to articulate how much I enjoy blogging and reading blogs.

I know we can all become empowered once we sit behind a keyboard,

a place where no one can see us,

judge us or make fun of us

but it is something totally different all together to sit behind the keyboard,

knowing that your family is reading what you are about to send into cyber space and resist the urge to censor yourself !

So bloggers, WRITE ON!!!!

stay encouraged and continue to do your thing and just be you!!

You are so inspiring even when you think you are not......

you never know who's reading your truth and is moved by it!


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