Weekend Wrap up

Lets just start in order shall we?

Kicked off the weekend with a delivery from the UPS man!!!
Back in September I dropped my camera at the bowling alley and it never recovered! So I have been using my old, not-so-clear, digital camera.
Last month my wonderful fiance took pity on me and sent it to the manufacturer for repair and it came Friday afternoon!!!
Whoo hoo!!
So of course I ran right out to document the beautiful rose I discovered on my Wednesday morning walk.

Then one of my all-time favorite friends from college came over to hang, cook dinner and drink margaritas!
So much fun to catch up with my girl ( I love u Monkey!)


My dad came over for dinner which was fabulous as we only see him about twice a month and usually only when I come down to the O.C.
I love, love ,love that he came to dinner in a sports coat and slacks and we all have on our "Saturday clothes"!!!

We had a lovely dinner and enjoyed some quality Lakers basketball with him

Our friend's daughter turned 10 so we went bowling to celebrate!!!
Can't belive Miss A is 10 already and about as tall as I am!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

We also had the daunting task of creating a 3 dimensional Ladybug for Cam's 1st grade project - I"ll post pics later about how well that went ....
All in all it was a somewhat relaxing weekend but very enjoyable!
How was yours?
Now we are refreshed and ready to begin the week!


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