wedding daze

I'm 11 days into my engagement and already the questions are flying!
Have you set a date? What are the colors? When and where are you getting married?
Who's going to be in the wedding?
Can I come?
Oh my goodness! I have been in several weddings myself over the years and as a makeup artist, specializing in weddings I have had the pleasure to see many brides dreams come true. I am also the kind of person who has been mentally planning my own wedding since I was about 19. I know what I want and how I want it to happen I just have to put it all together.
What I didn't know was that there are so many little things that creep up on a bride and stress them out. Thank God, I have a slew of "sister-friends" at my disposal who have already been through this.
Because how do you determine if your long distance cousin should be invited over your newer co-worker/school friend?
So cyberspace friends, do you have any tips or suggestions?


  1. haven't decided on a honeymoon destination....someplace warm w/ umbrellas in the drinks


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