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Thoughtful Thursday
This morning I decided that I was going to do something for myself.
As a semi-crazed, OCD mother and super fiance I have a tendency to do everything for everyone else and around the house before I even think of me.
Case in point, last night I was putting groceries away, heating up a pizza and making cookies all while I had to seriously go potty.
But I put my potty issues aside, to ensure my family was taken care of.
Then when I thought about I realized a few things:
1) that was really stupid of me- i can get a UTI from waiting so long!
2) i have got to stop doing SO many things at once
3) does anyone else have this issue?
I realize that as women, we are taught to be people pleaser's, and as wives and mothers we are taught that our families come first and we are to be SUPERWOMAN all the time. One of the ways we show our love is by doing all the "little things" that we do to make everyone else's lives run smoother.
Well, I don't know how you feel but can be EXHAUSTING !
So today, this morning, I am going to take some "quiet" time for me.
I will not run the wash, the dishwasher or the vacuum, I will sit and read my book or write for at least a solid hour and do my absolute BEST to not think of something else that HAS to be done that instant! Life will NOT stop if I do not cross things off my to-do list.
My friend Rachel from high school posted a video on her blog(http://number17cherrytreelane.wordpress.com/) attesting to this very thing!
She was trying to have it "all together and planned out" and get her daughter to stick to her napping schedule so she could get some things done and discovered that God and her adorable 1yr. old had other plans!
I thought it was so fabulous that she posted that and then I had this epiphany myself!
So ladies, just a quick note of positivity - we all LOVE our families.
We are all GREAT moms.....but there are days when the milk spills, the laundry doesn't get done dinner is leftovers and the house is not "picture perfect.....
let it go, laugh out loud and let GOD plan your day.


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