Ladybug Ladybug

Two weeks ago we received a note in Sweet Pea's homework folder stating that she would be doing a "research project" on an insect and we needed to create a 3-dimensional version of said insect.
Miss C chose a ladybug because before she was born, in the room we chose as her "nursery", there were always ladybugs in the window sill. And not just on or around the window - but somehow they managed to get through the screen and into the room.
NOTHING else came in this window - only lady bugs. And only in this one room!
Because she has heard that "tale" so often she associates herself with Ladybugs and thusly chose them for her project.
Since I had NO idea how to make a Ladybug - but was vaguely thinking I could use an empty egg carton- I Googled it!
I found a great template here and it was super easy!!!!
Here is our finished bug!

We followed the templates directions for the top of the body but since it has to hang we painted a black egg carton for the legs!
I was thinking we could even try a frog or a turtle next time!

Tell me what you think!


  1. Now if that isn't the cutest bug! : )

  2. This is adorable...I have an award waiting for you at my blog!

  3. This is too cute! We are actually learning about ladybugs right now!!!


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