Most women in today's world struggle with their weight in some kind of way. It seems we are always trying to "lose 10 pounds" or tone & tighten the thighs and buns.

I am no exception.

Now, I know that I am not "fat" by any means - not even by a long shot.

But I openly admit I'm severely body conscious and have some"weight issues" and have for several years.
In high school I had a few friends who had eating disorders and
(thanks to Lifetime Movie Network)

I know the dangers/perils of falling into that trap, so I could never go to those lengths to keep myself "thin".

I was always an athlete - basketball, volleyball, track & field, cheerleading etc... so it's very hard for me to be sedentary.
And I have found over the years - working out really does make me feel good!

Now that I have had my daughter, I work even harder to maintain my body so that if /when we decide to have more children I can bounce back more easily, but I work my tush off six months out of the year, deny myself over indulgences in french fries and sweets (my FAVES), and try to eat well balanced meals.

And the other day it hit me - what am I REALLY doing this for????

My fiance loves me the way I am - yes I want to maintian a healthy weight, but he's not going to leave me if I gain 10 pounds or can't fit into my size 26 jeans!

My daughter will not love me any less if I don't have Carmen Electra's body.
I only mention this because as of late I have been feeling the "pudge" creep up on me.
Eating a lot of junk, not working out, lots of wine, and extra time on my hands.
And then there's the subject of my 30th birthday which is fast approaching.
I want to look and feel better at 3o than ever before and it is taking A LOT to get me motivated lately.

Does anyone else find themselves working out, dieting etc.....and are unsure of the REAL reason?

Bathing suit season is upon us and as I see more status updates on FB and MySpace about hitting the gym, I'm curious as to people's motivations.

So tell me friends : what's your motivation? and how do you stay motivated?


  1. Great post! We all struggle with our weight but when I really give myself the time to think about it we are perfect already. We should take care and respect ourselves by not being too hard on ourselves either. It is a balance. I am motivated to try to be good to myself and my body.


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