Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and as my loving child informed me

we should " do all we can to help the earth!"

They have been learning all about the planet during this Earth Week and she has been working hard to "go green" around the house. We already recycle all our plastic,glass and aluminum (thats how she earns money too!),

So last night she wanted to take it a step further and when I came upstairs to tuck her in I found her sitting in the pitch dark (which is rare as she sleeps w/ a nightlight) - she was "powering down" for 60 seconds as requested to do by the good folks at Nickelodeon!

So cute! And I was such a proud Mommy! So we laid on the bed and looked up at the solar system on her ceiling as she counted for 60 seconds and we "powered down".

As I "gazed upon the stars" I started to think about "powering down" not only on an electric level but on a mental level as well. It was really nice to just lay with my Sweet Pea and be in the moment with her......(sigh).

Shortly thereafter I hopped up, plugged in the night-light, kissed her face and went back to doing five meeeelion things at once.


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