the date

Yesterday I thought this morning's blog would be a simple rant about the lovely afternoon Damon and I had at the Huntington Library , Art Collectins and Botanical Gardens(

and our yummy dinner that evening at Flemming's Steakhouse & Wine Bar

While we did have a lovely time viewing the gardens and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL California spring day it ended up being much more special than I had anticipated.

I must say I was genuinely looking forward to spending some alone time w/ him as we have been so busy the last few months with the "business" of life we haven't really been enjoying the moments as much as we should.

So Saturday we stopped and smelled the roses.


I felt so at peace in that space and was overjoyed to be surrounded by such natural beauty.

To be hanging out with my best friend just made it that much better.

After a long day walking grounds we spotted the most beautiful tree with a pinkish/purpleish flower bloomming.... the flowers were gently falling off the tree and it was so beautiful I HAD to capture it on film.

When we stopped to ask someone to take our picture under the perfect tree

Damon got down on one knee,

and asked me

to be his wife.

I was beyond surprised and immediately said/exclaimed/screamed
I am over the moon with excitement and anticipation.
It looks like my 30th year is turning out to be pretty fabulous!


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