Wednesday was my last day as an FIDM student.

Whoo hoo!!!

It's a pretty amazing feeling to be done with the whole program finally.

Can't believe a year ago this past January I started on my journey to following my dreams.

I am so excited and a little bit scared. Time to get back into the "real world" and get a "real" job.

But before all that, I had to say goodbye to a few good friends I've made on this wonderful ride as a Beauty junkie.

So this is dedicated to all of my FIDM Beauty students class of 2009:

When we started this journey together

it seems so long ago ,

we thought it seemed like forever until we were done.

And now the end has come

and I couldn't be more proud of the friends we've become

I wish you all the best and that your dreams come true

and thanks to Facebook I can stalk/ stay in touch with you :)

I look forward to when we walk in June

and Megs we will hold a sign just for you!

So knock them dead ladies and remember what you've learned,

"if you can't dazzle them with brillance - baffle them with bullshit"


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