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the date

Yesterday I thought this morning's blog would be a simple rant about the lovely afternoon Damon and I had at the Huntington Library , Art Collectins and Botanical Gardens(

and our yummy dinner that evening at Flemming's Steakhouse & Wine Bar

( )

While we did have a lovely time viewing the gardens and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL California spring day it ended up being much more special than I had anticipated.

I must say I was genuinely looking forward to spending some alone time w/ him as we have been so busy the last few months with the "business" of life we haven't really been enjoying the moments as much as we should.

So Saturday we stopped and smelled the roses.

I felt so at peace in that space and was overjoyed to be surrounded by such natural beauty.

To be hanging out with my best friend just made it that much better.

After a long day walking grounds we spotted the most beautiful tree with a pinkis…


Wednesday was my last day as an FIDM student.
It's a pretty amazing feeling to be done with the whole program finally.
Can't believe a year ago this past January I started on my journey to following my dreams.
I am so excited and a little bit scared. Time to get back into the "real world" and get a "real" job.
But before all that, I had to say goodbye to a few good friends I've made on this wonderful ride as a Beauty junkie.
So this is dedicated to all of my FIDM Beauty students class of 2009:
When we started this journey together
it seems so long ago ,
we thought it seemed like forever until we were done.
And now the end has come
and I couldn't be more proud of the friends we've become
I wish you all the best and that your dreams come true
and thanks to Facebook I can stalk/ stay in touch with you :)
I look forward to when we walk in June
and Megs we will hold a sign just for you!
So knock them dead ladies and remember what you've learned…

lovely days

yesterday was camryn's 7th birthday! and while it was a bit emotional for me ( I am having a hard time grasping the idea that my little one is not SO little anymore) it was filled with love and laughter.
Friday night I organized a slumberparty for her and a few of her close friends. This was the first time that she had more than one friend over at once and it turned out to be quite a success. The girls made their own french bread pizzas, played games and watched a movie well into the late night. In the morning I made them "cinnamini buns" for breakfast and then they went home!
Then yesterday, her actual birthday, our friends and family showed up one by one bearing gifts for the birthday girl. It was so exciting to see her open her gifts and her face light up as she found an art supply kit, GIANT coloring paper (Thanks to the Muhammeds) , a scrapbooking kit (thanks Nana!) , gift cards and Littlest Pet shop Monkey that she can decorate w/ stickers and such!
There was so much…

7 already?

I can't believe that 7 years ago today I went into the doctor for my weekly check up and found out I was being induced that evening.

Who knew that by 2:14 a.m. we would be welcoming our little angel into the world and our lives would change forever.

Being the baker that I am I decided to take cupcakes into her first grade class today so she could share her special day with her classmates.

We looked in the cookbook decided to get "creative" with our cupcakery..... lo and behold:

The Lazy Daisy Cupcakes!

They turned out pretty good and the kids seemed to enjoy them!

time flies.....

they say that time flies when you're having fun....
well i say it has never flown faster. my sweet little angel is going to 7 years old on saturday.

I am so not ready for this!
where has the time gone? what happened to her being just a tiny little peanut that I swaddled up tight like a burrito?
where is the little girl who babbled in the morning until someone came in and got her?