Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rose Gold, Rose Quartz and Rosé

I'm not big on dressing up for the holidays and usually the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas has me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off in jeans and sneakers. I like to keep things simple and be comfortable, but I also like to be cute. The weekend of Thanksgiving is when my bestie and I have our annual bottomless mimosa brunch. And I do mean annually
She doesn't live here any more so we don't get to sit around and cackle as often as we like. She's also one of like, five people I would cross several freeways for so when she comes to town; it's going DOWN. We brunch hard and for hours. It's just what we do.
And we all know brunch is just as much about being cute as it is about the mimosas and the food. So for me, an outfit that brings all of that to into play is really what's poppin. 

My homegirl Xenia just launched a new limited edition sweatshirt "Rose Quartz Is My Homegirl" and I legit SCREAMED when I saw it. 

thanksgiving week

Rose quartz was the second crystal I ever owned thanks to her and she gifted it to me. Honestly, ever since that moment, my life has changed in so many ways. So when she first dropped it as a tee I snatched it up, post haste. But when it arrived, I knew it wasn't 'for me' per se and had to pass it on. So I in turn, gifted the tee to my other crystal carrying homegirl. She posted a photo wearing it a few weeks back and I was instantly salty I hadn't bought another one. And then this sweatshirt drops just in perfect timing with the weather so I knew it was a sign and I had to have it. I also found these rose gold Nike's and was like well they just go together! Y'all know I'm about that sneaker game and statement tee life. Paired with some stunna shades and my favorite lip gloss from Fenty Beauty? Giiirrrrl. You won't be able to tell me nothing at brunch. NOTHING. 

This outfit also works when hanging out with the fam over the holidays and we all know you can't really show up someplace, eat up all the good food and not bring something. So even if you're not cooking, a bottle of rosé is always a good idea. Sometimes, two bottles is better. 

Just saying. 

What are your favorite outfits to wear around the holidays?

Click the images below for shopping details!

H&M slim fit jeans
$26 -

NIKE rubber sole shoes

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$125 -

Puma lip gloss

Crewneck sweatshirt

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Undercover Sneaker Lover

As my style has evolved over the years there are is something that has remained consistent: I'm kind of obsessed with sneakers.
And I have been for years. If you look at photos from my college years, that's pretty much all that's in our closet and my roommate had an even better collection than I did. We had everything from shell toes to air max's and puma's, we did not discriminate. 
Admittedly there was a time when I didn't want to wear them so much and was 'all heels all the time' because I thought I "needed" to wear them to be taken seriously as wife and mother (snort) but as I've gotten older (and had more kids) I've realized, I'm actually a sneaker head at. I also happen to enjoy heels. But that's not my every day shoe of choice. 
Duality and balance. That's what it's all about.

Currently I'm crushing everything Nike. I'm not 100% brand loyalist as I do love my Adidas shell toes but for the last few years - Nike has been killing the game for me. They've been really doing their part to keep things fresh and current. They're so on trend I can't stand it and recently dropped a pair of rose gold air max that I absolutely lost my mind over. I discovered them just last week and they're already sold out. I even went so far to reach out to my friends that work for the brand (yeah I got a sneaker guy, a couple actually; ask about me) and they both said no dice.
I know all the fashionistas copped a pair and I'm super jelly about it! I was just waiting to get paid again!
I have never wanted a pair of Air Max's so badly! But, I still found a few others that made my heart go pitter pat. Gold, rose gold, lavender and midnight blue? Be still my heart. 
I only wish I could afford to stock my closet with all eight pair but 1) that would be pricey and a little excessive 2) I'm still shooting for somewhat of a minimalist approach to my closet so I'm also trying to pare down a bit. But damn if I can't think of a way to style all of these and how dope they'd look on my feet. I mean - do you see how sick those lavender Air Force One's are? They scream: Amber! 

Matter of fact, I might be over due for some new kicks.......

For deets on all the sneaks featured click below

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

An Open Letter To Saturday School

I picked up my exuberant Kindergartner last Tuesday and was surprised when he handed me an official looking letter from the school. It stated that he had been marked absent at some point in the last 3 months and as part of their 'perfect attendance incentive' being offered to "make up" the absence by attending Saturday school the weekend that kicks off their Thanksgiving break.

Wait, what?

He's in KINDERGARTEN y'all. Why the eff would I send him to Saturday school for four hours? Aside from racking my brain to think if he even missed a day (turns out we skipped a day when he got his new cast) he's already only there for four hours! Why would I send him in on the weekend to "make up" the hours? 
That makes no sense. 
Upon further reading I discovered it was optional but to continue with their push of perfect attendance they were advising we go. You read that right. They want the kids to strive for the "perfect attendance incentive" at the end of the year so you can go to school on a Saturday and 'make up' the hours you missed.
Umm yeah that's a no from me dawg. A big FAT no, nope, no way, no how. 
Why are we doing this to kids again? So the school can get more funding? I'm a firm believer in supporting our public schools in all the ways I can but this? Nah, fam. I'm not down with this nonsense. 

Parents and administrators often wonder why kids are so stressed out at a young age and I'm a firm believer that this is one of the reasons. Pushing perfect attendance and trying to get them to come in to complete that act on their day off is just compounding these emotions. I see kids freaked out running full speed to get to their class on time and fretting about missing a single day because they're sick or have a travel day for vacation and they shouldn't be feeling that at all.

Yes, we want our children to understand commitment and school is the first place they learn to show up on time and daily BUT do we want to put so much pressure on them to NEVER MISS A SINGLE DAY so that they start to panic if they are even a minute late? 
I think not. 
Grwoing up we basically had to cough up a lung,and prove it, in order to stay home from school (perks of having parents in the medical field) meanwhile I had peers who's parents let them skip on days they were "tired" or "stressed" and just needed a break. I was jelly for sure as I was there sick or not. So when my oldest began school I vowed I wouldn't be such a stickler. If we wanted to stay an extra day on vacation, we did. If she wanted to cut out earlier and spend time w/ cousins, we let her, if she missed a day because she was up too late the night before, meh, no big deal. Mental health days are just as necessary for kids/teens as they are for adults but we push our kids to go so hard we often miss when they need them. And they do need them. 

 Before you start rolling your eyes she's always had her work done, rarely missed a test and we called in to be responsible. But making them go when they are truly in the weeds just seems wrong. Hell, adults call out sick just to get a break (and sometimes to head to Disneyland) so why can't kids?

I don't know y'all, I'm just not about putting so much pressure on kids at such a young age. Perfect attendance is great thing to strive for, but I'll be damned if I'm going to send my five-year old to school on a Saturday to achieve it and all so the school can get more funding from the state. 

Judge your mom and worry about your eyebrows. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

She Likes The Cars With The Boom

image via: Honda

I am the first to admit I was once incredibly naive when it came to cars. For years, I had no idea what rpm and horsepower had to do with how my car functioned, let alone that the framing and type of gas could affect the speed durability of my vehicle. It wasn't in my mind to even consider it. I was more interested in the sound system and whether or not the driver's side had a mirror in the driver's side. 

But somewhere along the way, probably after having kids, I began to think more about how my cars operated and what they were made of. As a mother I'm absolutely concerned about safety. Nothing makes me angrier than when someone drives foolishly and I have my kids in the car. 

image via: Honda

image via: Honda


Recently,I learned that the steel of today is much stronger than the steels used decades ago and three to four times stronger than the rest of the aluminum alloys on the market makes me so happy. That means my car is safer now than it was when I first became a mom 15 years ago. That makes me ridiculously happy even if I don't always understand how it all works. I do know that if anything happens to us we are protected worry less about my car crumpling into a ball. 
You know what else I found out? The steel components used on cars are recyclable and allow for more sustainability for future use. Yeah that's right, steel products are able to be recycled into other products without losing any of their quality! Y'all, I had no idea. Who did? And as someone who is increasingly aware of the world I'm creating and leaving for my children this is something that is very important to me.

image via: Honda

It's also important to me to have a car that is both functional and fabulous. I can't wait to check out all that Honda has to offer as I've heard so many amazing things about the Odyssey and what a great car it is. As our kids get bigger and they have more 'stuff' from all their activities, it's necessary to have a vehicle that fits it all. And has enough tech features for us all. Here in So Cal we basically live in our cars and because of our hectic schedule I am often in need of being able to do work in the car either while on the road to somewhere or waiting for someone to get out of practice. I need outlets and the ability to have the people in the back be comfortable and not harass the adults in the front about the music and whatnot. 

So when I got invited to attend the auto show this year, I jumped at the chance. For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the L.A. Auto Show. It seems weird coming from a non car aficionado, but I love being able to touch and see all of the cars coming out in person. I like all the bells and whistles and how shiny and new everything looks. 
I'm a dreamer so I like to imagine all the places I could go in each car. My dad and I used to go to the show every year and it's always been a favorite event of mine. So you can imagine my excitement at the idea of attending the show this year. It's been awhile since I've gone and I'm so looking forward to it. And, this time, I also get to give away some tickets so YOU can go too and hopefully make the same type of memories I did!

Go ahead and enter the Rafflecopter below and shoot your shot! I hope to see you there! 

And check my social channels for my live coverage and updates on all the fun I'm going to have while there! 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Yes, I Make Myself Breakfast Everyday

When I learned that Baby Ninja was only going to be in school until 12pm I absolutely grumbled. I work from home and am the primary care person for my father which means I have to do a lot of scheduling for appointments for him and I still have work to finish. All by 12pm. I also knew this would cut into my mornings as a creative person. Sometimes my juices don't get flowing until 11am so I've got to get in where I fit in and squeezing errands into that time is sometimes hard for me.

A lot of people say "Amber you have four hours to yourself to run errands and do work why do you complain?" and I respond;"Well, after drop off I come home, make coffee and eat breakfast that only gives me about 3.5 hrs to do what I need to do sans kids. Not including time spent in the car going to and from these excursions."  
"But why do you have to make breakfast? Can't you just pick up something, do something easy like yogurt/ cereal or just skip it?" And yeah, I could. And sometimes I do pick up something if I HAVE to hit the stores early or take my dad to the doctor but I rarely skip breakfast anymore.

Here's why:

1) Because I matter. Mothers often put themselves last on all their lists and take care of their families needs first. I used to be totally guilty of this. I would skip breakfast in order to get the things done on  my list so before picking up the kids but you know what that made me? A bitch.
I would be STARVING and would take my hanger out on the hubs or the kids so I make it a point to eat breakfast each day.

2) I often skip lunch. Because I have limited morning hours I don't always get lunch at lunchtime. I pick up my son, make him a quick lunch, put him down for a nap, then hop right back into my work and don't stop until it's time to pick up the teenager. This means I rarely sit down to eat a proper lunch and again - hanger. If I'm eating breakfast, I at least have something to tide me over until dinner that's not just a few handfuls of cheez-its.

3) It makes me stop and slow down for a bit. Even if I'm sitting at my desk eating or have my phone at the table scrolling emails and making lists/ notes on things I need to get done for the day. Savoring my breakfast allows me to stop for just a minute and think clearly about my day before plunging in feet first.

4) I love bacon. I mean c'mon. If you've seen any of my InstaStories or IG posts you know how much I like my bacon and there is no shame in my bacon making game. I will make myself several pieces and not think twice about it. It's the perfect complement to almost any breakfast and since I don't do cold cereal (milk is not my friend) this makes all the sense.

Listen, my breakfasts aren't "fancy" by any means, I'm not making French toast y'all, but I do make a mean avocado toast and I do like the occasional egg white scramble so judge your mom and worry about your eyebrows and let me eat in peace.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tacos And Sunshine

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I feel like I'm always talking about my love of graphic tees. For me, they are just as good a plain white or black tee and make even more sense as focal points of my ensemble.

When this particular tee arrived in my September Stitch Fix box I may or may not have squealed in excitement. Okay, so I totally squealed. Because OMG, THIS IS SO ME!!
Tacos are a long time love and as a native Californian, tacos & sunshine go hand in hand. As does a margarita but more on that another time. 

Naturally my first inclination was to pair the tee with my favorite distressed denim, some boots (ankle, peep toe, OTK it didn't even matter) and go about my business. But then when I was digging in my closet for pieces for another outfit, I re-discovered my metallic gold pleated skirt I ordered awhile back from ASOS.

Y'all - I have this really bad habit of obsessing about a piece, waiting until it goes on sale, snagging it and then subsequently putting it in my closet for a special moment and forgetting about it. 

News flash Amb: THERE IS NO "SPECIAL" MOMENT. The moment is here, the moment is NOW. Why am I hoarding all these cute pieces? 

So with that in mind, I paired it back to this cute tee. But something was missing. None of the shoes I pulled felt "right" until I found my black patent leather oxfords. Pulling them out of the shoe bin they live in, I was reminded of the randomness of finding them and my good fortune in their price & my gift card hoarding. Bless up. 

After I flat-layed it all out, I was still a little hesitant to try it on as I didn't really know how it would look on me. That can be a struggle with flat lays. Some things look better on the ground and in my head than they do in real life. But, that is also the point of doing them. How will I know how it looks if I don't lay it out first? However, this ensemble had me from jump, I put it on and fell hard for the look. There was something so simple about it all but it still had that wow factor that I love in a 'simple' outfit. 

What are some pieces you have in your closet that you've forgotten about?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Easy Fall Work From Home Style

Working from home often goes one of two ways: you either relish the idea that you don't have to "get dressed" on the daily because most times no one sees you or you miss the fact that you don't have a "reason" to get dressed each day. 
I sort of fall into the middle of these two realms. I enjoy picking out clothes each day and am not generally the mom who shows up to drop off in pajamas or something. I DO rock work out or 'atheleisure' gear but that's generally because I am going to work out at some point. 

I have been writing for years about easy outfits for women who work from home so they can easily go from sitting in front of their computer, to the grocery store, pick-up line without having to miss a beat or stress about putting something together. But as my schedule gets tighter each day, I lack the time to get out to the shops as often as I used to and discover new things. Hence why I was down to try out StitchFix.

Because I'm still trying to make Fall happen (it's currently 85 degrees in Southern California) I thought I'd show you how I made my latest Stitch Fix box worked for me and my work at home life. 

Plaid is sort of synonomous with "autumn" as they like to refer to it back east, and I was smitten with this top as soon as I opened the box. Naturally, I gravitated towards pairing it with the distressed denim and the peep toe booties. 

It's one of those perfectly imperfect style looks for running errands and getting work done.  Bad hair day? Toss on a fedora and knock out that to do list. 

Top it off with a red lip for an added punch of color and badassery. Seriously, if you feel like you need a pick me up red lipstick (or any bold lip to be honest) is the way to go.

Most of us who work from home need outfits that not only allow us to feel comfortable but also look good in case we need to actually leave the house or have to get on a Skype call.

Having a few items in your closet that fit your lifestyle and you feel good in can change how you feel about yourself and your personal style. It really is a simple as having one or two staples to get you through each season. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be detailing that more but for now, I have a question for you: What do you wear to feel "put together" on a daily basis?


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