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Lightening Up With Bright Tech Shop

As you all are aware and have graciously been on this journey of making our house a home – you know I’m slowly bringing my Pinterest living room to life. While I was debating on a sofa and looking for a side table, we realized we were missing something else very important in the space: light.
The lighting in our rented home is not the best with no major light source in the main living space. It mainly resides in the front entry way and there is light in the dining room but that’s it. I like to read in the evening and even work from the couch so I needed some added light. But finding a lamp I loved was proving to be just as difficult as the side table search. Luckily for me, the lovely people at Brightech lamp reached out and they have a collection of floor and table lamps that made my heart go pitter-pat!

I chose the Harper because it’s exactly what I had in mind when I envisioned lighting for the living room. I loved the look of a tripod lamp and the Harper is all that I wanted and mor…

The Couch Conundrum: To Color Or Not

I feel like I’ve spent the last year of my life hating our current couches. I’m just not a fan of leather couches although I totally understand the appeal of a good natural leather one w/ a modern spin. They are freezing in the winter and WAY too hot in the summer for my liking. I don’t particularly enjoy sticking to my seat while watching a movie with my family nor needing to put a blanket down just to sit and enjoy the lights from the Christmas tree.

But couches are EXPENSIVE y’all. Like stupid pricey. I mean, I know you get what you pay for and generally the more costly ones will likely last a lot longer but still, a decent sofa will run you about $1500 minimum and even more if you’re looking at a sectional or different types of fabrics. It’s hard to break with that kind of bread when you’ve got a kid in braces and a host of other expenses.

Of course I could just go to IKEA and drop a couple hundred on something there and that’s still an option but I also have to factor in Husbae’s t…

Light, Love & Laughter: Some Notes On My Rosé Birthday

At my age, there are few things that I desperately want for my birthday anymore. I don't ask for gifts save for the occasional gift card (they really are the gift that keeps on giving) and when asked about what I want my plans are; am hard pressed to come up with something specific that I desperately want to do. I mean the day spa is always a good idea though.
My birthday goals are to enjoy my day doing things I love, with people I love, laughing a lot and eating good food. That's it. 
The fact that my birthday fell on National Rosé Day this year seemed like a sign from the Universe. Gather those that I love for an afternoon of day drinking, game playing and side splitting laughter. I don't mind hosting folks at my home so long as I get to barefoot in the backyard and am not on dish duty. 

After listening to Addye's birthday wish I realized light, love and laughter were the unintentional themes of the day. 
My favorite days are the ones when the stars align and the Univers…

Summer Classes Are Just More Work For Moms

I just spent a ton of money signing my kids up for week long Summer camps and classes and as I was putting it all on the calendar it dawned on me - this is just more work for ME. Sure they're getting some enrichment while having fun and they definitely can't sit in my house all day everyday but looking at the schedule I realize, I'm going to be spending a LOT of time in my car. I took an informal poll of my mom friends and they all shared my sentiments; Summer is great (hooray no homework!) but it's also a lot of work for us moms. We use the dishwasher and washing machine more because so many towels and swim gear. There are more trips to Costco to stock up on snacks as our kids graze through the kitchen hourly and we spend even more time shuttling them to and from activities and "adventures". Target trips are less fun as we now have littles tagging along and asking for every. single. item. that looks like it can be used in a pool/park/ backyard. 
It's a LO…

5 Things I'm Loving At Target This Week

I'm trying my best to be on a shopping hiatus because at the moment I don't actually need anything really. There is however, a bunch of stuff I like and wouldn't mind adding to our home or my closet. So in an effort to keep myself out of the stores and spending all the money, I thought I'd curate a list of items I'm loving each week that I've seen both in-store and online so y'all can live your best lives. And in turn I can live vicariously through you! It's really a win/win. 

Let's get started shall we? 

Belt Bags - I know, I KNOW! These are controversial. I grew up in the hey day of 'fanny packs' and they were not this cool. But this one is fly as all get out. Also - does anyone know why we called them fanny packs when for the most part they were not on our fannies? Anyway. I'm loving them for summer. Easy hands and shoulder free place to store all your goodies. Stylish and they are perfect for long days in a park, at a community music f…

5 Home Design Books You Need As Your Discover Your Home Style

My book collection is something I am both proud and slightly ashamed of. I have a lot of them in a wide variety of genres. I absolutely love books of all kinds and when I was younger, dreamed of a home with floor to ceiling shelves and possibly a rolling ladder to reach them all. Domino compiled a list of home design style traits by sign and mine was so spot on it was scary! 
And it got me to thinking, what about those who don't really know their design style. What about those who just sort of fell into a style and haven't given it much thought? The ones who are drawn to certain items in stores but don't purchase because those items don't go with their current decor? What about the people who's homes have no personality? The ones where they look like they came with all the furnishings and they're just occupying the space, not really living there? 
Because I love y'all, I compiled a list of all the books I think one would need to get a handle on their personal…

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Grab On Your Weekly Target Run

Y'all, Mother's Day is this weekend. As in Sunday. THIS Sunday. Yeah, I sort of spaced on it too and thought I had at least another week to prepare. Apparently not. If you're like me and kind of maybe didn't plan ahead because for some reason your days are off - I am here to help.

We all know I spend an inordinate amount of time in Target scouring the shelves for the best deals and nailing down the cutest styles that will and a oompf to your closet and home. So, I went ahead and scrolled the Target website to see what they had and found a ton of gifts that won't blow your budget and you can grab during your weekly Target run.

*Don't front, you were going there anyway for something, why not add in a sweet card for mom (or yourself if you're a mom) and call it a day?

Mom's are busy and while a "mom purse" is totally a thing, we don't always want to lug one around all day. A cute cross body is an unexpected hue can be the change she needs to put…